About Me

Hello, my name is Amy...I am wife to one amazing hubby, mommy to two extraordinary girls...and I am a design & craft addict.

I have always been fond of the arts.

As a kid, my mom forced encouraged piano lessons.  I moved on to play the flute in middle & high school (as well as the oboe, yes, the oboe.  Who does that, right?  and WHAT is an oboe?).  As an adult, I appreciate all kinds of music...although, not much of a singer, I do love to belt out a few lyrics in the car with my girls laughing at behind me.

In elementary school, I enjoyed art class.  In fact, a piece that I did was selected for permanent display in the Wicomico County Board of Education.  I have a plaque to prove it!

As I got older, my passion for design broadened as my 'spaces' got larger.  Dorm rooms, apartments, houses...old & new.

Then, when planning my wedding in 2004, I became obsessed with paper 'products'...stationary, invitations, etc.  I designed and printed everything except our invitation (because our photographer provided those free of cost).

My first daughter, Miss M, arrived in November 2005.  And the announcements, personal stationary, invitations, etc. that followed became my passion.  I also started sewing and dabbling in other 'crafty' projects.

Since then, we added our second daughter, Miss L, in April 2009, and have been blessed with some fabulous homes and exciting opportunities.

Follow me on this journey...as we make our new house, Grayce Lane, our home, and enjoy our simply modern, country life.