Thursday, November 24, 2011


Here's to a wonderful day full of blessings!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Ready or not...the HOLIDAYS are here!!

This is my favorite time of year.  The changing colors outside are a reminder of changes to come in the new year ahead.  Spending these last 6 weeks of the year with family & friends (and lots & lots of yummy food & drink).

I have always found myself in a frenzied scramble preparing for Thanksgiving and then for Christmas & New Years.  Last year, I sort of got a ‘year off’ from the craziness...we were between at the beach...everything was simple & relaxed.

Then...we moved.  And the craziness resumed.  Unpacking, decorating, school, work...all of the everyday ‘stuff’ that defines CRAZY.

Fortunately, I’ve had the past several weeks to really get myself organized.

We decided to host Thanksgiving here at Grayce Lane this year.

I finished the menu...

Shopping is finished...with the exception of the ‘fresh items’, which I will purchase on Tuesday, in hopes of avoiding the masses at the grocery store (BTW...I’m really annoyed that grocery stores are open on Thanksgiving.  Come on people...get your shopping finished on/before Wednesday and let those employees spend the day with THEIR families!)

I have actually made an agenda for myself for the week as well.  Since Miss M only has school Monday & Tuesday...and half-day on Wednesday...I needed to maximize my time to the fullest.  Hopefully, I can stick to it!

So that gets me through Thanksgiving...

Now, let’s see how well I do with Christmas & New Years!

Sunday, November 20, 2011


This is our first fall here at Grayce Lane.  One year ago, our daughters & I were living 160 miles away, while hubby remained here and built this amazing home for us.

Recently, I’ve had a few inquiries of what the name means.  So, here is an explanation of how ‘Grayce Lane’ came to be...

Very simply...Our daughters’ middle names.

Miss M’s middle name is Grace.  Miss L’s middle name is Layne.

Since we built this home for them to grow up in...we thought it was perfect to name it for them.
To play on their names, we changed the make it more ‘address-like’, of course.

Grayce (pronounced GRACE) Lane.

Now, here’s the fascinating part...
Grayce as a girl's name is a variant of Grace (Latin), and the meaning of Grayce is "blessing".

Everyday, I am reminded of how very blessed we are.