Sunday, November 20, 2011


This is our first fall here at Grayce Lane.  One year ago, our daughters & I were living 160 miles away, while hubby remained here and built this amazing home for us.

Recently, I’ve had a few inquiries of what the name means.  So, here is an explanation of how ‘Grayce Lane’ came to be...

Very simply...Our daughters’ middle names.

Miss M’s middle name is Grace.  Miss L’s middle name is Layne.

Since we built this home for them to grow up in...we thought it was perfect to name it for them.
To play on their names, we changed the make it more ‘address-like’, of course.

Grayce (pronounced GRACE) Lane.

Now, here’s the fascinating part...
Grayce as a girl's name is a variant of Grace (Latin), and the meaning of Grayce is "blessing".

Everyday, I am reminded of how very blessed we are. 

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