Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Grayce Lane Designs is OPEN!

Ok, so I only have one listing so far, but I'll be listing more this week.  Come on over to Etsy and visit Grayce Lane Designs!

Check out my current listing...Miss "Autumn"...

Oh!  And some more good news...
My dear friend, Nicolle at Libby Lane Press was featured on Hostess With The Mostess this morning.  You may remember my post about a special detail I designed & created for her.
Congratulations, Nicolle!  We will celebrate with coffee and ruffles!


  1. Hi there ;) Libby Lane sent me and I was wondering if you offer a tutorial on the ruffled table cloth or retail
    It? I love it!! Thank you ;)


  2. Hi Robyn!
    No, I'm sorry, I don't offer a tutorial on the ruffled tablecloth. That was a custom design that I did for Nicolle. I do sell them though. If you're interested in a quote, just send me an email with the dimensions of your table.
    Many thanks!