Friday, September 9, 2011

projects galore...

So, we’ve been pretty busy around here lately.  Lots of projects...big and small...have started and will be wrapping up in the next several weeks...all of which I will share with you, just not all at once!

First up...Paint

Now that we’ve been in the house for 5 months, I’m finally getting a ‘feel’ of what I want each space to be.  Some rooms are exactly how I want them (minus some furniture) and others...well...let’s just say I’m having second thoughts.

The Girls’ bathroom:

Here is the original design board I did for it:
image my own
The vanities are in, the Carrara marble, white subway tile & tile accents are PERFECT!  The paint...not so much.  With so much white, the Pratt & Lambert “Diamond” loses the blue tone I was after.
image my own
image my own
Pratt & Lambert:  Diamond

So, this weekend, I will be making a stop at Benjamin Moore to pick up a sample of this:
Benjamin Moore:  Antiguan Sky
I’m hoping this will add a modern & fun touch to the gorgeous, feminine fixtures.


Fortunately, there isn’t a lot of exposed wall space, which means not a lot of wall space to re-paint.  Unfortunately, the perimeter cabinets are a custom paint color, so finding a good ‘match’ is going to be nearly impossible.

This will be the THIRD...yes, THIRD paint color on these walls.

My first selection was a green...but I hated it once it was on the walls.
Benjamin Moore:  Jalapeno

So, my ‘safe’ choice was the same color that is on all of the hallways:
Pratt & Lambert:  Winslow Grey

But I’m leaning towards something more like these:

*   *   *   *   *

Next...Miss L’s Bedroom

I’ve had a hard time deciding what to do with this little one’s bedroom.  Miss M got new furniture and selected the fabrics she wanted in her room (she opted for aqua blues, pinks, yellows & greens...and has fabulous taste in fabric patterns & colors...gee, I wonder where she gets it from???)

image my own         

 Miss L is only 2 1/2, so I wanted to do something fun, bright, modern, but simple so that we can change it later as she gets older and has her own taste.
She currently has her big sister’s hand-me-down furniture (which was my late-grandmother’s...I painted & antiqued for Miss M’s first ‘big girl’ bedroom in our last house).
image my own

I’m still working on my own design board, but here’s my inspiration photo:
image via Lonny Magazine

Loving the pink & orange combo!

So, that’s it for now...will be snapping some photos around Grayce Lane this weekend to share next week.

Stay dry & have a fab weekend!

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