Monday, October 8, 2012

{Chalkboard Paint}

When I initially designed the interior of our house, I had planned on painting all of the interior doors a smooth, charcoal lacquer.  Then, when we actually got the HUGE, solid walnut doors, I decided to stain them.  But I still LOVE the look of black interior doors.

We have a solid steel door that connects our side entrance to the attached garage that I use daily.  It's magnetic and such a great little spot to put our calendars, girls artwork, etc.  (Eventually, I will put a desk next to this door to serve as our 'command station'.)

Months ago, I convinced hubby to paint it with black chalkboard paint.  He loved the idea so much, that he promptly went out and bought the paint.  And then...I had second thoughts.  I mean, painted white, it looks so bright & clean (except that it isn't so 'clean' from the scratches)...

Black is such a commitment, which isn't easy to turn back from...and it seems like everyone is painting things with chalkboard paint!

The little can of chalkboard paint got tucked away into a drawer and sat for MONTHS.

Then, I suddenly got the urge to just do it...paint it.  I called hubby and told him I wanted it  And the fact that he came home from work that evening and immediately painted that door, proves that he really wanted to do it all along.  Now that it's done...I LOVE it!  It's functional AND I got a black door.

The frame is just a cheapie from Michael's, which I spray painted gold and glued 8 ceramic magnets on the back of it.  I'm in the process of making some fun, fabric-covered magnets for the girls calendars, etc.

I'll be sharing some other projects in this little side entrance soon...

But, if you decide to jump on the chalkboard wagon, don't forget to 'season' your new chalkboard.

Hmmmm....what else can I paint chalkboard???  I'm thinking the home office needs a new look...

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