Tuesday, July 26, 2011

One year ago...

Looking back at these photos makes me very emotional...for so many, many reasons.

Just to name a few...

We listed our previous home on 7.23.10, and little did we know, 12 days later, it would be sold!  A blessing....yes.  Difficult...yes (after all, this was the home we brought our babies home to...the only home they knew!)
The biggest downside...the girls & I moved to our Beach House for the 8 long months it took to build Grayce Lane.  This was hard...missing Hubby/Daddy...missing the transformation from dirt to house...but mainly just ‘missing’.

Reconnecting with friends I grew up with (Ms. K, I cannot thank you enough for keeping me sane, grounded & focused...and for being such a dahl-ing...I luv ya!)

My girls...they are absolutely magnificent.  I am so lucky to be their Mama...and since we embarked on this journey for them, this house is named for them.  Miss M’s middle name is Grace...Miss L’s middle name is Layne...we changed the spellings, but it’s pronounced the same. 

My hubby...is the most amazing & talented person I know.  He worked so hard to make this dream a reality...(Babe, if you’re reading this...THANK YOU for building this house for our children to grow up in...and do not get any ideas...we are NOT doing this again!)

 * * * * *

It still amazes me, looking at those first photos, that we did this.  Even now, walking into our home, it's very overwhelming, remembering that we looked at it on paper for 18-months, and now it's a live, physical home...that we are filling with love & memories each & every day.  We have so much to be thankful for...

So...here’s to you, Grayce Lane...and the endless years of wonderful memories we have ahead of us.
(and PS:  don’t get any ideas and start with the leaking pipes, broken A/C or other crazy notions that would make me want to sell you!)

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